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Picture for category Vehicle Detection Sensors and Systems for Drive-thru

Vehicle Detection Sensors and Systems for Drive-thru

Bavis Vehicle Detection System

Vehicle Detection Sensors and Systems for Drive-thru

Bavis vehicle detectors are magnetically triggered and designed to greatly reduce (if not eliminate) false alarms caused by ambient motion or dynamic lighting.

The sensors have a detection range of approximately 7 ft. with adjustable sensitivity based on the needs of your drive-thru. When triggered, the vehicle detector alerts staff both visually and audibly with a chime and LED lights.

All of these features add up to a vehicle detection system your employees can trust, without all of the annoyances and distractions that come with lower quality systems.

Technical Features

  • Senses 3-dimensional changes to the Earth’s magnetic field caused by the presence of ferrous objects.
  • Compact, robust one-piece, self-contained sensor package replaces inductive-loop sensing technology.
  • Designed to minimize the effects of temperature swings and destabilizing magnetic fields. Sensor learns ambient background and stores settings; sensor will not lose configuration or range when power is cycled.
  • Detection range: approx. 7 ft.
  • Alarm: LED with chime tone.
  • Hard-wired for power.
  • Product number 22083991