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TransTrax® Remote Lane Conveyor

TransTrax® Remote Lane Conveyor

Reliability is the hallmark of the TransTrax remote delivery system. TransTrax runs on a positive-drive tape system that only requires four moving parts, minimizing the need (and cost) for maintenance. It includes a solid-state electronics logic control system, as well as 1-on-1 audio. The carrier box itself is not affected by leaks or condensation, meaning financial documents and other paperwork are safe from the elements.


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Materials usedAluminum tube/track; Aluminum & Plastic carrier
Finish optionsNot available
Unit height (range)9' 5-3/4" - 16' to top of horizontal tube
Unit max extension/horizontal run60 ft. at 16 ft. elevation
Track configurationsStandard, Splayed, Reverse Lane
Carrier dimensions / capacity1-3/8" L x 4-1/4" W x 10" H
1 lb max weight load
Required clearances (wall openings, overhang)12"x12" horizontal clear channel, 12"x12" wall opening, 12"x12" ceiling opening, 6" rec. counter clearance (vertical) for control box
Power requirements110V, PH.1, 20 AMP circuit; interior outlet
Motor90V DC
ControlsTeller: Power, Car, Truck, Recall, Audio; Customer: Send, Help
Product optionsExterior TransTrax skin (beige or stainless steel), customer control box button alignment (left or right), video, audio, vehicle detectors, lane lights
Audio includedDuplex audio