Bavis Drive-Thru Transaction Drawers

Perfect for banks, pharmacies, dispensaries, or any organization needing a lane-one drive-thru or drive-up solution, Bavis’ electric and manual transaction drawers deliver reliability and security as either standalone or combination solutions compatible with window, audio and video options.

Bavis Electric Transaction Drawers

Available in three sizes, Bavis Fabacraft’s electric transaction drawers set the standard for quality and reliability in drive-thru solutions. Our electric drawers are ideal for new installations or make great replacements for your existing outdated or broken-down drawers.

Premium Manual Transaction Drawer

Same great quality as its electric counterpart, but powered by people! The 2:1 gear ratio makes operation of the premium manual transaction drawer easy for workers, and its efficient engineering ensures maximum uptime and reliability.

Basic Manual Transaction Drawer with Countertop

Ready-made for convenient, secure customer interaction, this basic manual drawer features additional countertop workspace for staff convenience.

Bavis Electric Transaction Drawer

Combination Unit Replacement Drawer

Time to replace that old drawer? No problem. Bavis makes it easy to order a brand new large electric transaction drawer to get you back up and running.

Bavis Retrofit Drawer Kit

Bavis Retrofit Drawer Kit

Want to up your drive-thru experience for your staff and your customers? Bavis offers a wide array of superior transaction drawer kits to help you equip existing drawers with new drive-thru accessories.

  • Variety of sizes available
  • Compatible with various audio and video options, including B.E.A.M. outside audio assembly, and can be outfitted with credit/debit card kits.
  • Primarily available in stainless (to reduce delivery time); scratch-resistant powder finish available