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Self-Service Kiosk for Retail

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Self-Service Kiosk for Retail

Create an efficient retail experience for your customers with reliable in-store, self-service kiosks from Bavis Fabacraft. These units feature interactive touchscreens that allow customers to browse your store’s offerings, place orders and even complete transactions based on compliance standards in your state.

The self-service kiosks are software-agnostic, so they integrate with your preferred point-of-sale solution, and include a variety of options to ensure they fit your retail space in terms of physical size and overall brand experience.


Mounting OptionsPedestal, wall, desk, cash rack
Screen Format27" or 32" (format 16:9) LCD TFT projective-capacitive touch screen (landscape)
SoftwareFlexible software platform for integration into your POS environment
Payment FunctionalityStandard terminals, signature pad, contactless and NFC authentication