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Restaurant Drive-thru Equipment by Bavis

Extend the value of your quick-service restaurant's drive-thru or walk-up experience.

Bavis Electric Transaction Drawer

Transaction Drawers for Quick-Service Restaurant Drive-thru

As touchless transactions become the norm, restaurants are finding innovative ways to leverage transaction drawers in their drive-thru experience.

  • Electric Transaction Drawers (multiple sizes)
  • Manual Transaction Drawer
  • Counter and Manual Transaction Drawer
  • Drawer Retrofit Kits
Bavis 50-window-drawer-combination

Window-Drawer Combinations for Restaurants

Secure, contactless transactions have never been easier. Bullet-resistant windows combined with transaction drawers are an ideal fit for most lane-one openings.


Remote Lane Conveyors for Quick-Service Restaurant Drive-thru

Our Vittleveyor solution safely and reliably delivers food and drinks to drive-thru customers beyond lane one.

  • Vittleveyor for Vertical Delivery (Interior or Exterior)
  • Vittleveyor for Remote Lane Delivery (Drive-thru)
Bavis Audio, Video, and Drive-thru Accessories

Audio, Video, and Other Drive-thru Restaurant Equipment Accessories

Bavis is second to none when it comes to quality drive-thru audio capabilities, and our drive-thru accessories are a great add to any project.

  • B.E.A.M. outside audio assembly
  • One-on-One and one-on-two audio consoles and headsets
  • Vehicle detection system
  • Video mounting kits and video integration
  • Credit card mounting kits