Bavis Remote Lane Conveyors: TransTrax, Vittleveyor and More

Extend the accessibility, security and reliability of your drive-thru experience to lane two and beyond with our TransTrax, captive carrier, and Vittleveyor remote lane solutions.

Download the Bavis remote lane conveyor product data sheet here.

Bavis TransTrax® Remote Lane Delivery System

Reliability is the hallmark of the TransTrax remote delivery system. TransTrax runs on a positive-drive tape system that only requires four moving parts, minimizing the need (and cost) for maintenance. It includes a solid-state electronics logic control system, as well as 1-on-1 audio. The carrier box itself is not affected by leaks or condensation, meaning financial documents and other paperwork are safe from the elements.

Bavis Captive Carrier TransTrax Remote Lane Delivery System

This pharmacy-specific solution combines a high-capacity carrier with smooth operation, unbeatable reliability and durability. The single-motor carrier can be stopped at various vehicle heights for customer convenience and includes automatically opening/closing doors.

Bavis Drive-thru Vittleveyor® for Vertical or Remote Lane Delivery

The Vittleveyor enables fast, reliable remote lane delivery for restaurants, pharmacies, and other retail stores, packaged in a truly memorable experience your customers will love. The Vittleveyor can operate across multiple lanes or vertically between levels, depending on the needs of your business. The high-capacity carrier is powerful enough to do larger orders and smooth enough to deliver coffee or fountain drinks without spilling a drop.

Bavis Drive-Thru Plate Runner

A unique, convenient, and cost-effective solution for DMV/BMV and any motor vehicle drive-thru civil service, the Bavis Plate Runner allows for the delivery of multiple license plates and like-sized items. The Plate Runner operates on the same positive-drive tape system as our TransTrax solution for maximum uptime and reliability.