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Why Restaurants Need Two Lanes for Drive-Thru
Posted By:  Bill Sieber
Friday, November 9, 2018

The purpose of having a drive-thru in fast food restaurants is to offer customers fast service and a pleasant experience. But popular and successful restaurants, especially during peak hours, tend to have long queues in their drive-thrus.

Waiting in line in the drive thru of a restaurant can be really frustrating. This issue not only concerns the customers but also the restaurant owners and the staff as well. Many restaurants are starting to have two lanes drive thru in their restaurants to tackle this issue.

The Advantages of Two Lanes Drive Thru

Installing a dual drive thru can be a big decision for some restaurants and it can pay off if implemented properly. Restaurants opt for two lanes drive-thru to cater high traffic during peak hours. And offer a faster service for their customers.

Customers usually get discouraged from making a purchase, change their mind and go elsewhere, when they see a long queue. Losing customers due to slow a moving drive thru is bad for business. Employing two lanes for your drive thru can help customers stay. Just seeing two lanes will make the customers perceive that there is a faster service too.

Even during crowded times, due to the traffic being divided in two lanes, the lines appear shorter and the customers are more inclined to commit and make a purchase. The customers are generally more content to see fewer cars ahead of them and are less likely to get frustrated.

Some companies are implementing a second-lane specified for call-in orders. This enables people who call ahead to skip the line and avoid having to go inside, making the process faster than ever.
Two lanes drive thru can also be a preventive solution when, for some reason, the system breaks down in one of the lanes. A restaurant can still keep serving the customers through the other lane.

Possible (But Easily Avoidable) Problems of Two Lanes Drive-Thru

Having two lanes drive-thru is mostly beneficial for fast food restaurants but there can be some draw backs if the drive-thru is not properly planned and managed.

There can be some confusion for the customers to understand how the two lanes drive thru have to be utilized, but this issue can be easily resolved by putting signs that point out the two lanes and clarify any doubts the customer may have.

All of the potential drive-thru problems can be resolved through proper and thorough planning.


Efficient drive thru is crucial to success of any fast food restaurant. Bavis is an organization that specializes in drive thru solutions and provides premier quality products and services. They understand drive thru issues, and with their range of innovative and quality products provide complete solutions that are efficient and most cost effective.

Vittleveyor is specifically designed product by Bavis to provide businesses with efficient multiple lane drive thru. This product provides solutions to problems like: converging lanes, or crowded delivery window, or the customer having to reach over through the passenger side window to receive the order. The problems are solved by employing a fast and efficient conveyer to deliver the food to the customer.


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