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Getting the Most out of Your Restaurant’s Drive Thru
Posted By:  Bill Sieber
Friday, December 14, 2018

Drive Thru

Restaurants are one of the most exciting businesses, they are not only there to make money but provide thousands of customers a memorable experience along with relinquishing the hunger of happy customers.

Among all the restaurant types, fast food restaurants are a great place to quickly get a delicious snack or even a complete meal after a busy day at work. And to provide a faster service, restaurants add a drive thru to complement their dine-in option.

But, what is the point of a drive thru that fails to provide quick service to their customers who are in a hurry. The restaurants lose several potential customers who are discouraged because of long lines outside a drive thru.

Many restaurant owners, who want to optimize and make their restaurants more efficient, frequently look for ways to make their drive thru move more quickly as it is an important aspect of any fast food restaurant.

The path to a speedy and fast moving drive thru is proper planning, implementation of the right technology and training and motivating the employees. Having a faster, yet error-free drive thru is a dream of almost all the restaurant owners. Though it may seem impossible but it is very realistic and achievable but requires some efforts.

The Benefits of an Efficient Drive Thru

Restaurants that focus on improving their customer’s drive thru experience benefit greatly. Not only do they have a more efficient system that deals with customers quickly leading to greater customer satisfaction, this also encourages more customers to visit the restaurants due to shorter lines at the drive thru. The faster drive thru service can increase profitability as the restaurants are able to provide services to more customers and have more customers visiting their restaurant due to faster service.

Top Tips to a More Efficient Drive Thru

Having a custom made drive thru system that meets your restaurant’s requirement is a must. As getting the standard drive thru system might be invasive and hinder in your work space, slowing down a busy drive thru.

Including a digital and touch menu board, which involves the customer, can speed up the ordering process and also boost customer satisfaction. Having a properly designed and effective menu board can surely be very beneficial in the customers being more aware of the products that are on offer also increasing the sales and reducing the chances of taking the wrong order.

Having an efficient payment method for customers paying with cards, which is the majority of customers, can surely speed up the process. The time taken to make the payment can slow down the line at the back; therefore having an effective POS systems and card readers is a great way to reduce the time of your line.

The Bottom Line

Bavis is a company that specializes in providing state of the art and efficient solution to your restaurant’s need. They are more than capable of providing a custom solution for your drive thru, along with great technical advice on how you can improve the speed of your drive thru.


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