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Frustrated with Downtime and Maintenance at the Drive-thru?
Posted By:  Bill Sieber
Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Many customers were frustrated with the amount of maintenance required for most pneumatic tube systems.  For businesses in search of a better pneumatic tube system at a competitive price, Bavis has the solution. 


As part of our dedication to continuing to provide better bank drive-thru equipment, we developed our Basic Pneumatic System (BPS) with several improvements to address typical tube system concerns:


o   Solid state controls.  Other systems have mechanical relays, which are prone to wear and failure.  Since the BPS has solid state controls, there are no mechanical relays to wear out. 

o   Better valves.  Most pneumatic systems have flopper valves that get dirty and leak, which leads to poor performance and stuck carriers.  The BPS uses an entirely different type of valve that does not have mechanical flappers, which by design, adjust to wear and are self-cleaning.

o   Easier maintenance.  All service work can be performed from the front of the equipment.


What all these features lead to is greater up time, fewer stuck carriers, better customer service, higher teller efficiency and most importantly, happier customers for your institution.  The BPS comes with a whole machine 1 year limited warranty.


If you want to do even better our Advanced Pneumatic System (APS),   TransTrax®, and Autoveyor products provide even greater reliability backed by longer manufacturer’s warranties.


We can end your frustration with drive-thru maintenance and down time.  We have options to fit any budget.  Give us a call!


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