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Don’t Walk Away from Drive-thru Because of Poor Audio! | Bavis
Posted By:  Bill Sieber
Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Do outdoor sounds make it difficult to hear your customer?


Do noises like popping, humming, and buzzing impede communication?


Do you tire of maintaining outside microphones and speakers?


Whether you are a veteran to the drive-thru equipment industry or you’re still cutting your teeth on tube system terminology, you’ve experienced bad drive-thru audio.  It might have been at a bank, pharmacy, or restaurant, but it’s hard to forget the loud crackling, distorted conversation, and frustrated transaction.


For years, drive-thru audio equipment remained unchanged.  Manufacturers chose not to invest in improving their systems and often outsourced them altogether.  Customers had little choice but to settle for subpar.  But Bavis doesn’t settle. 


Instead of using the same audio systems developed in the 1960’s, Bavis met the challenge head on, taking a new approach to drive-thru audio with the creation of the BavSonic audio system.


Outdoor sounds?

BavSonic addresses environmental noise with a technique known as frequency filtering, which enhances the voice signal over background signals. 


Distracting noises?

Interference from other electrical devices can create strange noises, muffling voices.  BavSonic uses a special type of signaling to reject electronic noise.


Maintenance overwhelming?

All Bavis products are notoriously low maintenance and the audio system is no different.  By adding wind and rain shields and using high-grade materials, BavSonic microphones and speakers are more durable and nearly maintenance free.


BavSonic is the standard for all Bavis audio systems, but it should be the standard for all drive-thru audio period.  This superior system is available only through Bavis, so contact us today.


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