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Bavis Audio Isn’t Better, It’s the Best
Posted By:  Bill Sieber
Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Last month, we discussed the revolution of drive-thru audio with Bavis’ BavSonic audio system.  Bavis has created a standard audio system that performs better than even the competition’s most expensive products.  Even though BavSonic was the most customer-friendly product on the market, Bavis didn’t stop.  Instead, they went on to develop the Universal Telephone Audio System and BEAM:

The Universal Telephone Audio System gives our customers the option to eliminate the inside audio console altogether by utilizing the existing phone system.  This system still offers clearer communication, but has the added value of confidentiality.  The Universal Telephone Audio System also enables users to transfer the conversation to another person, if needed, which has never before been possible.  Like BEAM, the Universal Telephone Audio System is only available through Bavis. 


Bavis Enhanced Audio Module (BEAM) is a computerized signal processor that is offered in addition to BavSonic.  Customers still reap the benefits of the standard audio including special signaling to minimize undesired sounds, but BEAM goes a step further.  By evaluating environmental conditions, BEAM is able to automatically adjust the audio volume, while further reducing background noise and minimizing echoing.  Even sites with historically problematic audio will find communications significantly improved.


Bavis works with customers utilizing a wide variety of drive thru set ups and phone systems and can provide the audio solution to suit each one. Do your customers a favor, and contact us to see how we can improve your customers’ experience with better audio.


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