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Always a Perfect Fit: The Bavis Retrofit Drawer Kit
Posted By:  Bill Sieber
Monday, October 17, 2016

Since our company’s inception, we’ve had a consistent goal: to offer our customers logical, commonsense solutions that ultimately save them money.


A perfect case in point is our Retro Fit Drawer Kits.


First, it’s important to note that the Retrofit Drawer Kits are only necessary for clients who want to replace their outdated or non-functioning drawers designed and installed by companies other than E. F. Bavis. Unlike some of our competitors, who change the dimensions of their drawers regularly so that replacing them is a complicated, expensive affair, we keep the size and shape of our drawers consistent from one year to the next. What this means for E. F. Bavis customers is that when the need to replace a drawer arises, it’s simple and quick: take out the old and put in the new.


Replacing a drawer designed and installed by a company other Bavis generally is expensive and time consuming.  If there is no direct replacement, then a replacement drawer must be found that is as close a match to the existing one as possible.  Then the drawer must be installed and trimmed out to cover the openings and frame it to the building and countertop.  Many time even the counter top has to be replaced.  Since everything will be matched to the site, this is a time consuming process.


So many of the drawers are no longer manufactured, drawer sizes by given manufactures change over time, and generally it is not a straightforward task.


Unless, of course, a Bavis Retrofit Drawer Kit is put to use.


These kits are designed to easily and quickly replace the most common old or non-functioning drawers without hassle or unnecessary expense.


If you don’t know which Retrofit Drawer Kit is the right one—or you need a unique kit that is not shown in our documentation—for your particular situation, we can put together exactly what you need.  Just give us a call.


Every Retrofit Drawer Kit includes the components that you need to make a complete change. See more details here about what a Retrofit Drawer kit includes.


Kits are normally ready for shipment within two business weeks after placing the order.


If you have questions about replacing outdated or non-functioning drawers, call our office today.



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