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A Need for Solar Powered Equipment: Drive-Through Facilities
Posted By:  Bill Sieber
Friday, January 11, 2019

There has been an express need for companies to start offering different Green drive-thru transport technology solutions. Most companies attempt to address customer issues with a single solution which addresses the issue with the customer. But they do not take into consideration an added benefit or bonus or even an environmental concern. These options give the market rather incredible flexibility to solve each customer’s particular issue as well as provide them a green or dual benefit model solution.

The Kind Of Solutions At Bavis
  • Nine models of anti theft, bullet resistant, drive-thru windows,
  • Four deal or transaction drawers,
  • A variety of drive-thru specific audio systems which can be installed as per requirement.
At Bavis we also offer certain degrees and categories of traffic control lane lights, drive-thru video solutions, plus a vehicle sensor and other specialty products which end up including, but are not limited to, the ATM-Trax which is responsible for moving money out to a specified remote ATM building.

Market Trends

We are also the only manufacturers in the market that can afford to and manage to offer solar powered drive-thru equipment for the financial and pharmacy industries which is a rather notable feat. It goes to show that any industry can become “greener” given the right tools and situation.
  • Bavis drive-thru equipment is reputable and is best known for its reliability and durability. It has reputation that claims it has comparatively recorded far fewer service calls as compared to other companies.
  • Companies using Bavis products report lower installation costs, longer durations of more consistent operating time, and lowered overall costs of operation.
  • We are a full service vendor for the entire drive-thru environment which ends up including departments of the set up.
  • Examples of Bavis Products include: Banking windows which are used by tellers on the go, pharmacy windows which are rather self explanatory, lane lights which can be given a greener and safer outlook, transaction drawers which can be converted into a greener option, and other pneumatic and traditional drive-thru systems which are currently designed in their traditional way but can easily be transformed into a rather sophisticated green solution enabling the user to harvest multiple benefits other than the obvious.

Usage and Retail Purchasing

Users of Bavis’ equipment can purchase the equipment of their choice from Bavis Sales and Services. This would even extend to certain models that they would like us to develop or improve upon. Our solutions can range from a basic service to a complex rewiring or reinstallation. These tend to range from the installation of a simple pneumatic tube carrier. And can become as complex as completely replacing the old obsolete systems with more cost-effective, green, reliable and responsible technologies.

If you’re looking for a greener change please contact us at any time. We look forward to discussing your needs and addressing them in a manner that would delight you and would be a blessing to the society surrounding you too.


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