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4 Qualities of a Good Drive-Thru Service
Posted By:  Bill Sieber
Friday, September 14, 2018

It’s highly likely that you would’ve had a drive-thru experience at the outlet of some fast food chain. Some people might believe that the concept of “drive-thru” is only implemented by the popular fast food chains.

Well, it isn’t so.

Today, the drive-thru facility is being provided at venues other than the fast food chains, for instance at pharmacies! Businesses who prioritize the comfort of their customers are increasingly considering options like drive-thru these days. Drive-thru and other facilities of the similar sort are targeted to solve the convenience issues faced by the customers and provide them with incredible flexibility.

Moreover, the contemporary drive-thru service is being designed after keeping in mind the specific needs of the business and its customers.

There are qualities of a drive-thru service that make it a worthwhile service. Here we discuss four such qualities over which the performance of a particular drive-thru service can be gauged.

1 - Speed

It must be made sure that every station of drive-thru outlets is adequately staffed with professional and trained employees so that productivity comes naturally. The speed at which the customers are served at a drive-thru also depends on how well the employees are trained to deal with the procedures performed there and with the technology incorporated there. This is the key to excellent execution of business operations being performed at a drive-thru.

2 - Accuracy

For whatever purpose a customer visits a drive-thru, be it for withdrawing cash from an ATM, or to buy some prescription drugs or to buy fast food, it’s highly important that their requests and demands must be transacted accurately. Additionally, the employees that serve at a drive-thru must know the skills of customer engagement. They should listen to customers and ask for details at all times. Furthermore, today drive-thru service is being designed with self-serve technology that leaves almost no room for errors on company’s end as the customers become in charge of their own order’s accuracy.

3 - Customer Comfort

Drive-Thru service is being planned today in such a way that customer leaves the final station of a drive-thru service with guaranteed satisfaction. The service must be consistent at all drive-thru outlets, and the designing of drive-thru facility must be according to its purpose of business and the type of customer who will visit there.

4 - Technological Aspect

Modern technology has contributed a lot already to the concept of drive-thru. However, there are two technological innovations that are currently under consideration to be implemented at the drive-thru outlets. The day that happens, the future of drive-thru services will change forever. One is RFID (radio frequency identification) and the other one is voice recognition. These advancements will further enhance the customer experience at a drive-thru service by improving its accuracy, speed and efficiency.

Drive-Thru outlets in pharmacies, financial services and fast food chains have significantly raised the level of customer convenience in these industries. If your business needs a solution to serve customers at a drive-thru service then Bavis – the technology leader in drive-thru – is the right place for you to visit.

Our company has a versatile experience in designing drive-thru outlets keeping the four qualities of a drive-thru mentioned above in mind, and incorporating the most cost-effective, reliable and durable technologies in the facility. Also, we at Bavis are proud to be the only makers of solar powered drive-thru equipment along with designing the entire drive-thru environment for financial, pharmaceutical and food service industries.


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