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Bavis | Financial, Pharmacy, Food Service | Drive-Thru Systems
Bavis | Financial, Pharmacy, Food Service | Drive-Thru Systems




Bavis offers three different technologies to move carriers from inside the pharmacy to a vehicle in a remote lane, or to a reverse traffic flow lane where the driver side of the car is not next to the building.

Bavis offers two pneumatic transport systems. The Basic Pneumatic System (BPS) is our industry standard product, designed to compete with the other pneumatic tube products in the industry. Bavis also offers the Advanced Pneumatic System (APS), which offers features and benefit that are not available on other products in the market; it carries a limited two year warranty and is designed to eliminate the down time and high life cycle cost associated with other pneumatic systems. This is such a revolutionary tube system that it is patented!

In addition to pneumatic drive systems, Bavis offers two non-pneumatic products for the pharmacy market: The Captive Carrier TransTRAX, and the Autoveyor. The Captive Carrier TransTRAX is a patented product that is specifically designed for pharmacy use and is unique to Bavis.

The Captive Carrier version offers much greater carrying capacity than any 4-1/2” tube system. It uses very little power and involves a very small number of moving parts to convey a carrier to the drive-thru. Unlike the multiple motors found in tube systems, the Captive Carrier TransTRAX uses a single motor that is rated at 10,000 hrs. mean time before failure (MTBF) (this is a measure of overall motor life). Pneumatic tube motors are rated a 1/20th of that life or 500 hrs MTBF. Remember, tube systems have a minimum of 2 drive motors, and often have additional motors to operate doors, valves and slide gates. The TransTRAX only requires one motor and offers cost effective trouble free transport when compared to tube systems.

The final non-pneumatic system is the Autoveyor. This product uses a round belt technology to move a carrier through the system. The pulleys used in this system are warranted for 10 years of operation and everything else in the system is warranted for five years including the built-in One-on-One Two Way audio!  This is the best warranty on any drive-thru system.

See the written warranty on all of the products for specific details.




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