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Bavis | Financial, Pharmacy, Food Service | Drive-Thru Systems




Bavis offers a full range of audio products for use at financial and pharmacy drive-thru applications.  We can also provide you with audio/video products to meet your specific needs.

What We Offer

Our product array consist of the basic one on one internal console to our very convenient Universal Telephone Audio System which works with either the existing phone system or a third party phone product. This product can incorporate the use of wireless headsets.

Obviously the ability to communicate effectively at the drive-thru is extremely important. Unlike many others, the Bavis audio systems were designed specifically for this use in this environment.

Our Financial products, the TransTrax and Autoveyor delivery systems come with built-in full duplex one-on-one audio systems which are covered in their warranties. Most competitive products do not include audio in their shorter warranties. Although these products are purchased with a one on one audio they are expandable for use with multiple lane applications.

The Bavis Air and pharmacy Captive Carrier TransTrax products include external audio components consisting of a speaker, microphone and call button. These components are compatible with any of the Bavis audio systems. Our Transaction Drawer is a stand alone product. The audio is ordered separately.

Our audio allows for two-way communication even while the system is operating. Many competitive products require the customer to wait until the transaction is over before they can communicate.

Our pharmacy customers know that consultation is required. Bavis have been very innovative with audio options in this industry. We were the first to provide a privacy handset with our consoles and the first to introduce Telephone Audio giving pharmacy personnel greater flexibility. We even support wireless headsets.

If you are fed up with inadequate drive-thru audio, contact us! We have solutions that improve with each and every application due to our on-going development efforts.

For additional documentation and forms, click the Product Documentation box.

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