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Bavis Audio, Video and Drive-thru Accessories

From audio solutions to lane lights and everything in between, Bavis offers the drive-thru accessories you need to elevate your customer experience. (UPDATE: Support and service for certain audio solutions has been discontinued. View the whole list of impacted products here.)


Bavis Enhanced Audio Module (BEAM)

  • As much as 90% reduction in environmental noise/background noise
  • Compatible with multiple telephone audio interfaces, including VoIP
  • Ability to use existing phone system
  • Supports all phone capabilities, such as headsets, distinctive ring, call transfer
Bavis audio-consoles-and-headsets

Audio Consoles

  • One-on-one or one-on-two consoles available
  • Available with inside and outside handsets
  • Condenser microphone, built-in call tone, volume and gain control
Bavis single-lane-universal-telephone-audio

Single Lane Universal Telephone Audio

  • Connects the intercom systems of a drive-thru
  • Hooks into standard analog phone
  • Can put drive-thru lane on hold and transfer/route them to any extension or destination (acts and behaves as a phone extension)
  • Use CO line, FXO phone port or FXS phone port, depending on model, to connect each lane

Video Solutions

  • Solutions for multiple drive-thru lanes
  • Video, camera and audio are powered by single power pack
  • Audio/video system teller controls include lane switches, hold, handset/headset switch, camera tilt, system volume, status light
Bavis credit-debit-card-mounting-kits

Credit/Debit Card Mounting Kits

  • Mounts can be used in-drawer or in remote lanes (card readers not included)
  • In-drawer mounts can slide from side to side or be extended safely via harness cable
  • Remote lane mounts can incorporate multi-point audio/video options
Bavis vehicle-detection-system

Vehicle Detection System

  • Engineered to minimize false triggers
  • Integrated into Bavis drive-thru equipment (no curb cuts); retrofits into existing Bavis equipment or other manufacturers’ equipment
  • Solid state controls – no switches to wear out
  • One sensor covers two lanes of drive-thru
  • Pleasant chime tone alert
Bavis lane-lights

Lane Lights

  • Displays “Open”, “Closed”, or “ATM”
  • LED lights with estimated 100,000-hour life
  • Available in 120V or low voltage for cost-effective wiring
  • Stainless steel case measuring 16" W x 6 ½" H and 2" D
  • One sign can display both “Open” or “Closed”
  • Easy mounting system
  • Two lane sign control panel available
  • Lane Lights can be connected to remote drive-thru system so they both power-up and down at the same time