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Dispensary Equipment by Bavis

Physical security and retail operations solutions for your people and products with drive-thru and in-store dispensary equipment. Transaction drawers, windows, point of sale, self service kiosks and more!

Bavis Electric Transaction Drawer

Transaction Drawers for Dispensaries

The best transaction drawers on the market, period. Choose between electric or manual drawers in a variety of sizes to meet in-store and drive-thru dispensary needs.

  • Electric Transaction Drawers (multiple sizes)
  • Manual Transaction Drawer
  • Counter and Manual Transaction Drawer
  • Drawer Retrofit Kits
Bavis 50-window-drawer-combination

Window-Drawer Combinations for Dispensaries

Perfect for interior, drive-thru or walk-up transactions, our window-drawer combos combine the gold-standard quality of our transaction drawers with peace-of-mind security.

retail kiosk

Self-Service and Point of Sale Solutions for dispensaries

Improve the security and operations of your dispensary while creating a preferred in-store experience for customers.

  • Self-service kiosks
  • Point of sale equipment
  • Kitchen / order display units
  • Cash recyclers
Bavis Remote Lane Conveyors

Remote Lane Conveyors for Dispensary Drive-thru

With enough capacity to fulfill large orders, our Captive Carrier TransTrax is a great remote lane solution for dispensary drive-thru.

  • TransTrax Remote Lane Delivery System
  • Captive Carrier TransTrax Remote Lane Delivery System
  • Vittleveyor for Vertical or Remote Lane Delivery
Bavis Pneumatic Tube Systems

Pneumatic Tube Systems for Dispensary Drive-thru

Bavis’ pneumatic tube systems are a trusted, reliable solution for remote-lane delivery and order fulfillment, with both basic and advanced systems available to meet your budget.

  • Basic Pneumatic Tube System
  • Advanced Pneumatic Tube System
Bavis Audio, Video, and Drive-thru Accessories

Audio, Video, and Drive-thru Accessories for Dispensaries

Bavis is second to none when it comes to quality drive-thru audio capabilities, and our drive-thru accessories are a great add to any project.

  • B.E.A.M. outside audio assembly
  • One-on-One and one-on-two audio consoles and headsets
  • Single lane universal telephone
  • Video kits
  • Credit card mounting kits
  • Lane lights
  • Vehicle detection system