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Bavis Certified Dealer Program

Partner with Results

Ready to grow your revenue? Expand the earnings potential of your sales and services offerings by becoming a Bavis Certified Dealer!

When you team up with Bavis, you're giving your sales team access to premium products at dealer-exclusive margins, along with a wealth of resources to support and empower your sales efforts. Your service team will have access to factory training, along with expanded service opportunities thanks to Bavis’ extensive install base.

As a Bavis Certified Dealer, your success is our mission. Let's win more, together!

Bavis Certified Dealer

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Why Become a Bavis Certified Dealer?

  • Represent the best products in the world of retail drive-thru and physical security.
  • Grow your business with new sales and services opportunities.
  • Increase your margins with exclusive product discounts and special dealer terms.
  • Receive free factory training and ongoing direct access to expert support.
  • Access to exclusive marketing and sales resources on our dealer hub.