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Cash Recycler Machine

Cash Recycler

Cash Recycler Machines

Ideal for banks, dispensaries or any retail space that handles a lot of cash, cash recyclers improve security and operational efficiency while reducing liabilities associated with cash transactions and management.

Cash recyclers accept, validate, count and securely store notes (paper and coin). Because the cash recycler processes transactions real-time within your POS environment, that cash can now be dispensed back out to customers without ever leaving the store. This reduces liability around cash coming and going from your store, along with other risks typically associated with replenishing cash in traditional ATMs.

Overall, these machines eliminate the operational costs and risks around manual cash-counting and cash-handling processes, making them a must-have for any business where security and accuracy are paramount concerns. Ask us for a quote today!


  • Note and coin recycling modules
  • Automated cash counting and authentication/validation
  • Easily switch between cash and non-cash functionality, depending on dispensary needs and local regulations
  • Standard interface to POS applications
  • Industrial-grade reliability and state-of-the-art product design
  • Ideal footprint for under teller-side counter, express checkout or self-service on the floor
  • Increased operational efficiency through faster process, reduced labor costs
  • Increased security around cash handling and storage, reduce need, costs around cash movement in and out of business