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Design Flaw found in the standard Diebold Audio Board!
Posted By:  Mike Craven
Monday, January 23, 2017

Design Flaw found in the Standard Diebold Audio Board!

  Have you ever wondered why Diebold Outside Handsets fail so often?  Well, we have discovered a flaw in the design.  This flaw causes the audio to fail intermittently or permanently.

    Whenever the incoming audio from the handset starts to have problems, we recommend replacement of the Speaker/Mic Board assembly with the Diebold Speaker/Mic Retrofit kit from Bavis.  The part number for this is 22230991.  This Bavis designed and built component is a plug-in compatible replacement for the existing Outside Diebold Audio board with speaker.  Many feel the Bavis replacement board provides better audio than the original board.  That of course is a subjective thing, but, what we can tell you factually is that this board is coated to resist the ravages of moisture, (the Diebold board is not), does not have the flaw which the Diebold board has, and the speaker in the Bavis kit can be replaced without replacing the entire board as is the case with the Diebold unit.

  Once the above repair has been made, you might want to upgrade the outside handset.  The 39000022 Bavis/Diebold Handset Kit is designed to work with the Diebold Speaker/Mic audio board and plug directly into the Diebold audio harness. This handset assembly uses non-contact switching, not the micro switches found in the Diebold handset assembly.   Make your customers happy!  Give us a call to discuss this component in greater detail!  It solves many of the Diebold audio problems.

    We also have kits available to make Diebold systems compatible with Bavis audio systems, like the Universal Telephone Audio System, or even one of our consoles!!!

  Give us a call!  


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