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Picture for category Bavis Enhanced Audio Module (BEAM)

Bavis Enhanced Audio Module (BEAM)

Bavis Enhanced Audio Module (BEAM)

Clear communication is the cornerstone of a successful drive-thru experience. The Bavis Enhanced Audio Module (BEAM) delivers just that. This premium solution suppresses background noise, eliminates acoustic echo and reduces speaker distortion for a pristine audio connection on both sides of the transaction.

BEAM can be combined with any audio interface, so upgrading the sound quality of your existing audio system is both easy and cost-effective. With BEAM, your customers and staff will enjoy voice clarity and audio volume that makes it easier to communicate and faster to do business. Ask us how BEAM can integrate with your drive-thru or walk-up experience!

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Technical Features

  • As much as 90% reduction in environmental noise/background noise
  • Voice enhancement and reduction in speaker distortion
  • Eliminate acoustic echo
  • Compatible with multiple telephone audio interfaces, including VoIP
  • Ability to use existing phone system
  • Supports all phone capabilities, such as headsets, distinctive ring and call transfer