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Picture for category Basic Pneumatic Tube System

Basic Pneumatic Tube System

Basic Pneumatic Tube System

Bavis’ Basic Pneumatic Tube System is expertly engineered to account for many of the issues typically associated with other pneumatic tube systems. Fewer moving parts mean fewer breakdowns; the stainless-steel exterior enclosure combined with the magnetically sealed interior manual door all work to prevent condensation from building up in the system. A rain shield and windscreen protect the included microphone for greater audio clarity. If you’re looking for a pneumatic tube system to get your remote drive-thru lanes up and running, you’ve just found your solution.


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Materials usedClear acrylic (at customer), and PVC tubing, durable plastic carrier
Finish optionsInterior - powder-coated steel (texture white); exterior - stainless steel (black powder-coated back)
Unit Max Ht.20 ft., (deduct 2 ft. of max horizontal run for every foot of vertical height above 16 ft.)
Unit max extension / horizontal run length (varies depending on number of turns)120 ft. at 16 ft. horizontal elevation with support every 5 to 10 ft.
Carrier dimensions/capacityCarrier Interior dimensions: 1-5/8" R x 2-5/8" W x 9-3/8" L
appx. 67 cu. in.
Required clearances (wall openings, overhang)Clearance: Verticals = 12" x 12", Horizontal = 6" dia. on path centerline
Rec. Canopy Overhange = 8 ft. at 12 ft. elevation
Power requirements(1) 110-120Vac 1PH 20 AMP circuit power to island (underground or canopy)
Audio includedExterior components (mic, speaker, call button)
Optional accessoriesInternal audio options, video, truck base, vehicle detectors, steel turns and horizontal tubes, photo eye blower stops
Model numbers23000994