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About Bavis

Bavis Fabacraft Means Better Drive-thru

Bavis Fabacraft has been the gold standard for manufacturing drive-thru equipment since 1957, helping banks, pharmacies, quick service restaurants, dispensaries, government organizations and other businesses expand and enhance their customer experience.

Our solutions, from transaction drawers and windows to pneumatic and conveyor systems, enable greater access between businesses and customers, empower businesses to transact more, and ensure the security of every customer and employee during every transaction.

Meet the Team

David facilitates communication and understanding around product value, actively promoting positive interaction that enhances the experience between our buyers and their customers. Outside of his CIO role, David enjoys many aspects of soccer and ice hockey: attending, watching, playing or coaching. He also has a love of animals and horseback riding.

David Bavis



Larry partners with customers, engineers and the rest of the Bavis team to find new ways to improve products and develop exceptional customer experiences through meaningful engagement. Larry's a huge fan of "proper football", with Liverpool FC being his favorite side. He is raising two "proper fans" as well, as his little girls watch every match with him.

Larry Sumpter



Kim makes sure the numbers add up and helps customers with anything and everything involving billing. Kim likes to escape the spreadsheets and number-crunching in her RV — there’s nothing she likes more than hitting the road for a quick getaway.

Kim Coots



Marcus's top priority is delivering world-class experiences for our customers. By analyzing customer trends and buyer journeys, Marcus works to make the sales process customer-focused and to help organizations accomplish more with drive-thru solutions. Marcus loves to travel and spend time on the water with family, friends and his fur babies.

Marcus Brewer

Director, Sales and Customer Experience


By day, Dave keeps things moving on the shop floor. He works closely with sales and supply chain to make sure engineers and technicians have the info and resources they need to deliver the right solutions as promised. By night, Dave is a drummer in a rock band that has opened for some big acts, which also means Dave has a lot of good stories to tell …

Dave McCartt

VP of Manufacturing


Ed synthesizes information between customer desire and Bavis’ manufacturing prowess by listening and participant observation that adds to portfolio value. When the stars come out at night, Ed is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who is oft engaged in philosophical conversations as embers rise around an open fire.

Ed Arwine

Senior Director of Product Management